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For you what matters passion or money

 Well, this blog is inspired by the story of a person, Robin Jha who is an entrepreneur. He quits his job as a Chartered accountant to do what he loves to. He was a small-town guy from Bhagalpur, Bihar and completed his chartered accountancy in Delhi. He was working at one of the biggest consultancies firm services Earnest and young. He had a great job and was earning a good amount of salary still, he quits his job to pursue what he loves to do.

One day he used to have a casual discussion with his colleagues that it would be wonderful if they can have their own ' chai ki dukan'. At least they can live comfortably and happily. This idea struck in Robin Jha mind and he decided ' Why not sell chai ' then he decided to sell to earn his living.

With the belief in his business idea and with all the determination and patience, he has expanded his business idea into a business model of ten shops, selling fifty variety of tea across the Delhi NCR region. Being C.A. and getting a good amount of salary. At Earnest and young he could have said ok, I have done enough and could stop his journey. But he followed his passion and dares to leave his secure job as a chartered accountant and started his business.

''A great leaders courage to fulfil his vision comes from passion, not position."

At last, what matters is your passion and courage to do something different. This gave him satisfaction and happiness which he never gets from continuing the job of Chartered Accountant. Doing things that will make you satisfied and happy is more important than anything else.  Find your passion, figure out who you want to be.

Many of my readers even don't know what is their passion, For what they are truly passionate about. If you want to find your passion then check out my this blog How to find your passion

And also mention in a comment for you what matters passion or money.


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